Oaxaca: initiative for Law to Defend Human Rights is presented

Press-conference at EDUCA (@Educa)

Oaxacan civil-society organizations have presented an initiative for a Law to Defend the Human Rights of the Oaxacan People to the State Congress “so that as soon as possible this proposal be approved that seeks to strengthen one of the organisms that has to date only legitimized impunity and reduced the enjoyment of human rights.”  It is proposed that the Defense of Human Rights of the People of Oaxaca be autonomous and of the people, that its implementation be determined by the principles of gender perspectives, multiculturalism, plurality, non-discrimination, and secularity.  In a press-conference, representatives of 25 groups of civil society, as well as the representatives Flavio Sosa Villavicencio and Pavel Renato López, presented the project that they will pass on to the legislature.

For more information (in Spanish):

Presentan Iniciativa de ley de la Defensoría de los Derechos Humanos del Pueblo de Oaxaca (Boletín de prensa de OSC de derechos humanos, 11 October)

Urgen ONG´s al Congreso, aprobar ley secundaria para la DDHPO(Noticiasnet, 13 October)

Entregan a diputados iniciativa de ley para Defensoría de Derechos Humanos (NSS Oaxaca, 11 September)


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