Civil Observation Mission ends in Tenosique: migrants and rights-defenders in grave danger; caravan of Central American mothers searching for the disappeared arrives in Tenosique

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On 21 October ended the Civil Observation Mission carried out by several civil-society organizations in Tenosique, Tabasco.  On this same day had passed 60 days since the displacement of the residents of the Nueva Esperanza community, municipality of La Libertad, in the department of Petén, Guatemala.  Those forcibly displaced now find themselves in Tenosique.

The organizations indicate that the conditions in which these displaced persons find themselves to be a humanitarian crisis, in light of the nearly 300 persons (including 115 children and adolescents) who find themselves living in the streets.  These groups affirm that the perception among the displaced is that the Guatemalan authorities seek to exhaust them and block their return to their lands, given that the discussion-tables that have been had have so far led nowhere.

Given this situation, they demand that the Mexican and Guatemalan  governments establish measures to guarantee dignified life-.conditions for the community of Nueva Esperanza as well as to allow them a temporary migrant vista to help minimize the risks to which migrant peoples are subject in their journey through the country.

In other news, on 31 October a group fo 33 Central American women initiated the Caravan of Mothers in Search of the Disappeared.  They left from the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with the goal of searching for the hundreds of disappeared whose life-statuses are unknown.  The journey will be undertaken for 15 days through Mexican territory, ending in Tamaulipas.  They will also pass through the state of Veracruz which is one of the most dangerous paths for the undocumented, who are regularly raped and murdered, as organizers of the caravan say.

These Mesoamerican mothers who are supported by a multitude of non-governmental organizations estimate that in the last five years there have disappeared in Mexico more than 60,000 migrants during their transit to the United States.  “It is feared that Veracruz is a cemetery for migrants and that in Tabasco, thruogh the Tenosique route, kidnappings of undocumented migrants continue, but unfortunately the statistics are unknown, becuase it is impossible [find them],” explained the coordinator of the movement.

The caravan will continue in its trajectory toward the state of Tabasco, where it will seek to interview local deputies and governmental authorities so that they aid in the search for their sons.

For more information (in Spanish):

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For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Mexico: Caravan for Peace concludes after journeying to Tabasco, Veracruz, and Puebla (28 September 2011)

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