Guerrero – briefs: Military convoys once again in communal territory; AFADEM: “It does not end with being recognized by the government”

Members of the Communal Police, photo @ SIPAZ

The Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities (CRAC) denounced that on the morning of 31 October a convoy comprised of 6 Army trucks coming from Marquelia entered communal territory, arriving in the Me’phaa community Potrerillo del Rincón, later to return to Marquelia during the evening.  Another convoy patrolled the Tlapa-Marquelia highway toward the Me’phaa community of Paraje Montero, and during the night returned to Tlapa.  In this way, they reported that the Army had established a revision checkpoint on the Tlapa-Marquelia road at the Zoyatlán crossroads, a populace that also forms a part of the Communal System of Justice and Security of the CRAC.  The indigenous peoples’ organization expressed its repudiation of these acts, considering that they disturb the daily tranquility and routine of these communities.  Furthermore, they expressed that, not knowing the motives of this operation by the Army, they feel that it could represent a provocation in light of the decision that the communities have taken to promote their collective and individual rights, rejecting the installation of mines and exercising justice against those who commit crimes in the territory.

In other news, on 4 November, Tita Radilla Martínez, vice-president of the Association of Relatives of the Detained, Disappeared, and Victims of Human-Rights Violations in Mexico (AFADEM) expressed that “with or without recognition, what matters to us in reality is that Rosendo Radilla Pacheco continues to be disappeared, and the federal government shows no true will to find find him.”  In an interview with La Jornada de Guerrero, she spoke of the act of recognition for responsibility that is expected to be led by Francisco Blake Mora, Secretary of Governance, which will be held on 14 November in the Civic Plaza in Atoyác de Álvarez, Guerrero, at 10am.

Tita Radilla said that the recognition should not only be in the case of Rosendo Radilla, but also for the cases of all the detained and disappeared that were taken in Atoyac during the period of the Dirty War for which the Mexican government is responsible.  She went on to say that members of AFADEM and the Radilla family will make public the points that still have not been observed by the State in the sentence handed down by the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR), “which is what we want, and it is very possible that we insist in our demand that the members of the Army who were present at the military barracks be called to testify.”  She noted that this recognition should be accompanied by a commitment “not to oblige them to recognize but rather to commit themselves to investigate effectively that they find the whereabouts of all the disappeared.”  She continued, mentioning the new period of excavations that will be carried out in the terrain of the former barracks: “regardless, the central objective continues, and that is that, though there has been recognition of responsibility, although there be a commemoratory plaque, Rosendo Radilla continues to be disappeared.”

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