Chiapas/Tabasco: “The forgotten border” press-conference

Fray Tomás de Tenosique (@SIPAZ)

On 1 December, at the office of the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Center for Human Rights in San Cristóbal de Las Casas there was held a press-conference regarding the results of a civil observation-mission that was carried out regarding the question of migration.  This mission took place from 19 to 21 October of this year, in Tenosique, Tabasco.  The mission was carried out under the name “On the border, to cross the limits,” while the final report that was presented at the press-conference was entitled The Forgotten Border.  The report was so called because the border seems to be far from the centers of power in the country, for which reason the government overlooks the tragedies experienced by Central American migrants upon crossing the border.  Several organizations comprised the observation-mission, among them Service and Assessment for Peace (Serapaz), the National Network of Civil Human Rights Organisms “All Rights for All,”  the Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez A.C. Center for Human Rights, and the Meoamerican Migrant Movement.  During the press-conference, the Fray Tomas “72 Migrants’ House” in Tenosique denounced the behavior of the National Institute for Migration (INM), stressing that the situation of migrants is “a true holocaust,” and that the INM is an institute of “organized crime.”  The member-organizations of the observation-mission affirm that it has been very important to remove from invisibility these human tragedies occurring on the southern border of the country.

For more information (in Spanish):

La Frontera Olvidada (Informe final, October 2011)

Conferencia de prensa en linea (Koman Ilel, 1 December)

Video: Tenosique, La Frontera Olvidada (Centro Prodh, 1 December)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Civil Observation Mission ends in Tenosique; migrants and rights-defenders in grave danger; caravan of Central American mothers searching for disappeared relatives arrives in Tenosique (14 November 2011)

Mexico: Caravan for Peace concludes after journeying to Tabasco, Veracruz, and Puebla (28 September 2011)

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