Guerrero – Briefs: Mexican State recognizes responsibility in case of Valentina Rosendo

Valentina Rosendo durante el acto oficial de reconocimiento @ quoruminformativo

Valentina Rosendo during the act of recognition @ quoruminformativo

A year and four months late, Alejandro Poiré, secretary of Governance, offered a public apology in the name of the Mexican State to the Guerrero indigenous woman Valentina Rosendo Cantú, in an act of recognition of its international responsibility in the violation of her humans rights and lack of adequate attention in observing the points outlined in a sentence of the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR).  The act was held in Mexico City in the presence of social and human-rights organizations.

Poiré assured that despite the near-decade of struggle, total observance of the sentence should be had, given that the acts suffered by Valentina were “so lamentable and so terrible [… that] they should never be repeated with any other person in any other part of the country.”

Without referring to which types of public servants it was who violated Valentina’s rights, Poiré indicated that the “deviations” of public officials who violate human rights “should be investigated, punished, and compensated entirely by the Mexican State.”  He added that the acts which occurred in 2002 and the impunity of the case is not a generalized affair in the Calderón government: “It is evident that those isolated cases in no way represent the policy of the Mexican State, which is oriented always to the promotion, respect, protection, and guarantee of human rights.”

Valentina Rosendo related her nearly ten years of suffering not only due to the sexual violence of the soldiers but also because of the consequences that followed from her denunciation of members of the armed forces, such as her having to flee from her land and live in the face of constant threat of death: “I continue struggling as a woman and [my husband] has never valued that.  He left cowardly, but I continue with my face high, I brought up my daughter, and here I am proud of myself, of being who I am.”  Valentina shared that she thought her violation should help other besieged women defend themselves and denounce their attackers

To conclude, Poiré directed himself to the victim: “Esteemed Valentina, example Valentina: Nearly a decade ago the State did not protect you or procure you justice; today the Mexican State recognizes its responsibility and acts in consequence; this public act is a reflection of this conviction, and, knowing that your suffering is irreparable, we desire that for you and the little Yenis and all your relatives this symbolic act translate into a minimal restitution of justice, and that it serves for the reconstruction of your project of life.  Once again, apologies.”

Before leaving the hall, Valentina warned that her struggle has not ended.  “It continues because those responsible are still out there; they still are where they should not be.  But we have advanced a bit and there is hope.”

For more information (in Spanish):

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