Chiapas: strikes and denunciations from several prisons of the state

El Amate (

On 11 January, dozens of prisoners being held in the state prison El Amate in Cintalapa carried out a protest inside the CERSS 14 toward the end of demanding better conditions for those incarcerated there, including better quality of food, medical services, and respectful treatment of their visitors.  In accordance with information from the Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights (Limeddh), all those protesting dressed in white, concentrating themselves in the “plaza” of the prison, and carried out a one-day hunger strike.

Two days later, those held in CERSS 17 in Playas de Catazaja also carried out a hunger strike and a peaceful sit-in to demand better conditions.  They demand the sacking of the director due to the prison conditions under which prevail harassment and sexual violence against families who visit.  They detail that “We undertook a peaceful hunger-strike because we are afraid that the director will transfer us, and the demand we have is that he be removed from office.  Beyond this, he violates our rights and oversees that the revision of those who visit us be drastic: they review them, disrobe them, and touch them all over.  Moreover 5 or 6 days ago, there was a group of prisoners who are Maras Salvatruchas no. 18; they beat 3 comrades, and half of the population was restricted to one area.  The director now wants to introduce this to the interior.”

For more information (in Spanish):

– Denuncia La Voz del Amate la grave situación de prisioneros indígenas considerados políticos (La Jornada, 13 January 2012)

– Presos del Amate se manifiestan en contra de condiciones deplorables en prisión (Boletín de prensa de la Limeddh, 13 January 2012

– En Huelga Presos en Playas Catazaja: denuncian hostigamiento y violencia sexual (denuncia pública, 13 January 2012)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Chiapas: End of hunger strike (14 November 2011)

Chiapas: Two more prisoners join the hunger strike; concentration of family-members at sit-in (4 November 2011)

Chiapas: National and international support for Patishtán and the prisoners fasting and on hunger strike (26 October 2011)

Chiapas: Prisoners fasting and on hunger strike (4 October 2011)

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