Chiapas: CDHFBC publishes more information on the Banavil case

On 2 February, the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Center for Human Rights (CDHFBC) published an update of an Urgent Action it had released on 19 January.  Basing itself in numerous testimonies, the update identifies those who assaulted EZLN support-bases in the Banavil ejido (Tenejapa, Chiapas) in December, acts that left one dead, one disappeared, several injured, four Tseltal families displaced, and one indigenous Zapatista support-base incarcerated-according to reliable information-who was not even present at the place of the events.  The CDHFBC reports also that in the case of the disappearance of López Luna “still there has been no progress regarding his whereabouts, nor has the search even continued.”  The update denounces that the families who were displaced continue to be in a critical state, the reason for which it has requested precautionary measures for them as well as guarantees for their secure return.  Finally, the CDHFBC demands the immediate release of the Zapatista Francisco Sántiz López, who was detained without reason during these events.

For more information (in Spanish):

Identifica el Frayba a agresores de simpatizantes del EZLN en Tenejapa (La Jornada, 3 February 2012)

Actualización de AU (CDHFBC, 2 February 2011)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Chiapas: Urgent Action in in case of aggressions against families who sympathize with EZLN by PRI group from the Banavil ejido and arbitrary detention of Zapatista support-base (21 de enero de 2012)

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