Chiapas: Press-conference by Group of Women COLEM denounces violence against women

Press conference at the Café Museo Café. Photo @ SIPAZ

During the morning of Tuesday 31 January there was held a press-conference on the part of the Group of Women of San Cristóbal de Las Casas (COLEM) in the Café Museo Café, denouncing violence against women.  First, the young woman Kathya Montserrat Lopez Banda read an Urgent Action in the case of the kidnapping of her daughter by the family of her former husband.  Following various acts of violence against Kathya Montserrat, her husband Erich Diestel Reyes and his family took the child (3 years of age) in a violent manner on 18 November 2011.  Beyond the petition to civil society and the authorities requesting that they help to find her daughter, she denounced not having been attended to by governmental authorities.  “The woman Ana Elisa Coello, in charge of a Center of Justice for Women, promised me help, but when she came to know who the aggressor was, the change was for me notorious and inexplicable.  Later I learned that this woman is a friend of the Diestel family.  She did not support me, whereas previously she had promised me the quick recovery of my daughter and my protection.”

Following the reading of the Urgent Action, Marta Figueroa (coordinator of COLEM) gave a presentation in which she denounced the violence exercised against women in general, emphasizing that there exist many testimonies like those of Kathya.  The press-release affirmed that “we allow ourselves to express our alarm regarding the rights of women in light of the political failures and joint actions, certain in light of the multiplicity of cases with and without denunciations of violence against women.  For this reason we observe that while millions are wasted in Chiapas for advertising, violence against women including feminicide, impunity, lack of due attention, evident omissions, and the lack of concern for problems resulting from violence persist.”

For more information (in Spanish):

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