Mexico: Denunciation by Alberto Patishtán from prison in Sinaloa

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On 22 February was published another denunciation by Alberto Patishtan Gómez, member of La Voz del Amate, who is being held in the Cefereso no. 8 in Guasave, Sinaloa, having been transferred there from Chiapas on 20 October 2011.

In his communiqué he declares, “Nearly 2 years after Juan Sabines Guerrero, governor of Chiapas, publicly declared my innocence and committed to release me, this promise is nothing more than words, and no actions have been taken.  This occurred during his visit when I was being held in the Vida Mejor Hospital due to my condition of glaucoma.  Now with this declaration and due to my impairment of vision I was victimized by being transferred from Chiapas to Guasave Sinaloa.”  Regarding this disease, he notes in the same document: “the authorities have ignored my condition and the necessary treatment, and for this reason the situation is critical.  For any fatal situation that would result in my loss of eyesight I feel I would hold the federal authorities responsible.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Pronunciamiento del GT y RvsR Chiapas por Patishtán (Enlace Zapatista, 27 February 2012)

Denuncia de Alberto Patishtan de la Voz del Amate desde la cárcel federal en Guasave Sinaloa (Chiapas Denuncia Pública, 22 February 2012)

Denuncia del profesor chiapaneco Alberto Patishtan desde la Cárcel en Sinaloa (Pozol Colectivo, 22 February 2012)

Denuncia de Alberto Patishtan desde la Cárcel en Sinaloa (Chacatorex, 22 February 2012)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Chiapas: new denunciation by prisoners Solidarios de la Voz del Amate (6 January 2012)

Chiapas: End of hunger strike (14 November 2011)

Chiapas: Two more prisoners join the hunger strike; concentration of family-members at sit-in (4 November 2011)

Chiapas: National and international support for Patishtán and the prisoners fasting and on hunger strike (26 October 2011)

Chiapas: Prisoners fasting and on hunger strike (4 October 2011)

Chiapas: Public day for Fasting and Prayer for Peace in the San Cristóbal prison (26 September 2011)

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