Chiapas: Urgent action for youth unjustly arrested

The social organizations Casa de la Mujer Ixim Antsetic and the Chiapas Center for Women’s Rights denounced that the Mexican minor Ana Laura Sánchez García, 16 years of age, was detained on Wednesday 22 February and taken to the National System for the Wholesome Development of the Family (DIF) in the Palenque municipality.  The next day, her mother arrived, but as she lacked a birth certificate, she presented documents pertaining to her birth and a vaccination card.  Regardless, the DIF officials told her that she needed to bring documents that confirm her as the parent, and that they would hold her daughter for a week.  In any case, on Saturday when the mother returned to bring clothes to her daughter, she learned that the girl had been transferred to the Prosecutorial Office for Migrants in Tapachula.

For more information (in Spanish):

¡MENOR CONFUNDIDA Con centroamericana! (Diario de Chiapas, 19 de marzo)

Acción urgente caso Ana Laura Sánchez García


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