Chiapas: people of Mitzitón recognize errors and name new authorities

Mitzitón (

In a communiqué released on 26 March 2012, residents of the Tzotzil community of Mitzitón, San Cristóbal de Las Casas municipality, recognized having committed errors with regard to the hunger strike and fasting of prisoners who pertain to the Other Campaign that took place in October 2011.  This action made possible the release of two prisoners from Mitzitón.

It should be remembered that on 14 October 2011 it was made public news that Mitzitón authorities had sent a letter thanking the Chiapas state-government for having released the two prisoners, “something that made all the struggle for their release at that moment, as their strength was being lost.”  The communiqué notes that “That letter sent to the bad government was signed by the authorities and representatives that at that moment were competent and had that power.  Regardless, the means by which was had the signature of the document was through deception and lack of clarity toward the community and the majority of the community’s authorities.  It was prosecuted by only a few representatives.  This was an error, and we recognize it.”  They added: “Now, we would like to denounce that we are aware that these representatives had been bought off and so betrayed the trust of the people.  They sold themselves to the bad government for some projects; we still do not know how much money they asked for their dignity and the struggle of the people of Mitzitón.”  They warned that “we have held our assemblies and we have named new authorities and representatives for the people, whom we will watch more closely for the people–with greater clarity, that is.  Above all, this our word is to tell you all that we continue to struggle.  The people of Mitzitón continues resisting, and it has not sold out.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Habitantes de Mitzitón admiten falla estratégica (La Jornada, 30 de marzo de 2012)

Comunicado completo del Pueblo de Mitzitón (26 de marzo de 2012)

For  more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Chiapas: 2 prisoners who carried out hunger strike in Chiapas are released (26 November 2011)

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