Guerrero: CECOP will initiate a series of mobilizations demanding the definitive cancellation of the La Parota dam

Photo: SIPAZ

Members of the Council of Ejidos and Communities Opposed to the La Parota Dam (CECOP) responded to the official silence on the part of the governor of Guerrero, warning that La Parota would not proceed, “be it with or without the signature of the governor.”  In their communiqué released on 19 March, they revealed that they will undertake a series of mobilizations to demand the total rejection of the dam.

On 7 May of last year, Governor Ángel Aguirre Rivero visited the bastion of the movement that opposes the dam.  He rejected at that time the suggestion that he sign the Cacahuatepec Accords which request the total cancellation of the federal project.  His signature was to be had on 11 March of this year in Aguacaliente–a meeting which the governor failed to attend.

“CECOP’s invitation to the governor to demand the Cacahuatepec Accords was met with silence,” noted the opponents in their communiqué.  CECOP views this rejection by the administration as a “challenge and a lack of respect” for the movement, as well as a lack of political vision, because “no dam or mine constitutes development for the state or the country.  Besides, they are financed with foreign capital that seeks profits, as would be the case with the La Parota dam and the Canadian mining projects.”  They warn that if the governor does not want to defend the land of Guerrero, CECOP will do so by means of mobilizations.

CECOP announced its plan of struggle against La Parota, which includes a march on 23 March that will be attended by Communal Action for Peace and Unity, as proposed by the Catholic Church.  Similarly, there will be held a mass-march in May to demand the cancellation of the project.

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One Response to Guerrero: CECOP will initiate a series of mobilizations demanding the definitive cancellation of the La Parota dam

  1. M. says:

    With our demand for energy, technology and production comes a beast that will destroy our sacred lands and their indigenous peoples. India needs electricity to power her new Metropolitan cities . America needs that oil in order to wage its continuous war. China needs that hydropower in order to produce cheap technology. Corporations have been given the green light and when it´s all over and there is nothing left we will have no-one to blame but ourselves.

    We need to ask ourselves if it really necessary to but another car, that flat-screen TV, upgrade the mobile phone, the new Amazon kindle book, another laptop, a flight to London, or just illuminate the garden path. We are all part of the problem and part of this nihilistic process.

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