Chiapas: Choles block highway in the Northern Zone

On Tuesday 10 April, Ch’ol women and men from communities of the Tila and Tumbalá municipalities who pertain to the organization Laklumal Ixim (Our People of Maize), carried out a highway blockade at the deviation known as Pulpitillo on the route from Yajalón to Tila and Tumbalá, to observe the 93rd anniversary of the murder of General Emiliano Zapata.  By means of a political pronunciation they report that they would like to “show that the struggle for the land and its defense continue being relevant […].  We denounce that with the present governments of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and Juan Sabines Guerrero, we indigenous people continue to experience a strategy that seeks to carry out legalized looting of our lands so as to hand them over via megaprojects to large foreign corporations, all of this by means of trickery and lies associated with the programs FANAR, previously PROCEDE-PROCECOM.”

They demand, among other things, that “the Chiapas state government definitively cancel the concessions it has granted to Canadian mining companies, […] the cessation of the strategy of looting of our communal and ejidal lands by means of the Agrarian Ministry through lies and illegal acts taht seek to impose FANAR, previously PROCEDE, […and] a just electricity price in Chiapas.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Pronunciamiento pueblo chol (10 de abril)

En Tila y Tumbalá recuerdan a Zapata (Cuarto Poder, 11 de abril)

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