Guerrero: TADECO continues without module in the Civic Plaza of Chilpancingo, as one of its members remains disappeared for 5 years

On 27 March, the Chilpancingo-based Workshop for Communal Development (TADECO) released a communiqué regarding the situation of the module it had maintained in the Civic Plaza in Chilpancingo.  A year ago Chilpancingo’s City Hall denied the organization the right to continue to have this module in that space. The State Commission for the Defense of Human Rights (CODDEHUM) made a recommendation to City Hall to reinstate TADECO’s right to the space, arguing that  TADECO’s activities in the plaza are not for profit.  Regardless, according to the communiqué, the “Mayor of Chilpancingo, Héctor Astudillo Flores, failed to observe this commitment, instead pretending to have paid it heed.”  CODDEHUM also emphasized that “we demand that Chilpancingo City Hall restore our module, and that is publicly apologize to our organization for this violation of our rights.  We further request the punishment of those responsible for this rights-violation and compensation for damages incurred.”

Separately, TADECO on 14 March released a communiqué having to do with the disappearance five years ago of its comrade Jorge Gabriel Cerón Silva.  The communiqué notes that “Now 5 years after he went missing, our indignation is as present as our fear, frustration, and disappointment.  The forced disappearance and extrajudicial murders that we have continuously gone on denouncing for five years have been ignored, minimized, and criminalized by the Mexican State and the Guerrero state government.”  The document stresses the lack of serious investigation into the case on the part of judicial authorities, finding the different governmental levels responsible.  “The state and federal governments evade their responsibilities, maintain a complicit silence in light of our denunciations, and reinforce their war strategy in which the majority of its victims continue to be innocent citizens while the supposed target of this war, organized crime, grows, strengthens itself, and evermore gains control of the administration of economics and political decisions in this country.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Comunicado Módulo Plaza Cívica (TADECO, 27 de marzo)

Comunicado 5 años de desaparición integrante TADECO (TADECO, 14 de marzo)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

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