National/Mexico City: Feminicide is classified as a serious crime

Photo: Milenio

On Wednesday 11 April, the Senate approved in commission to classify the feminicide as a serious crime, with punishments of between 40 to 60 years in jail and a fine of 500 to 1000 days of salary to that person who takes the life of a woman for reasons of gender.  These reforms regarding the rights of women include the Federal Penal Code, in which is indicated that the reparation of damages must be integrated, adequate, efficient, effective, proportional to the gravity of the crime and the consequences suffered.  They defined within article 325 of the Federal Penal Code that “to commit the crime of feminicide [is] to take the life of a woman for reasons of gender.  It is considered that there exist reasons of gender when one of the following circumstances occurs: that the victim present signs of sexual violence of whatever kind; that the victim be subjected to degrading lesions or mutilations either before or after the murder, including acts of necrophilia.”

Beyond this, with the proposal to make more efficient the investigations into feminicide and the disappearance of women and girls, the Commission for Equality and Gender of the Legislative Assembly in Mexico City (ALDF) has approved a project of decree to reform the Law of Access of Women to a Life Free of Violence which stipulates obligations on the part of the capital prosecutorial office to resolve these crimes.  The dictate calls for, among other things, the creation of an institute specialized in the investigation of feminicides, an Internet page to assist with the search for disappeared women and girls, a genetic databank of corpses whose identities are unknown, as well as a public registry of crimes against this sector of the population.

For more information (in Spanish):

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For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Demand for end to feminicide in Oaxaca (8 September 2011)

Guerrero – briefs – Tierra Caliente is second-highest national location in number of feminicides (14 September 2010)


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