Guerrero: Officials in the Ayotzinapa case retract charges against municipal police


The legal experts from the Guerrero State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) who incriminated the ministerial police Ismael Matadama Salinas and Rey David Hernández Flores in the murder of the two students from the Rural Normal of Ayotzinapa have retracted their charges.  The two police are detained on the charge of having killed two students on 12 December 2011 during a student mobilization.  Antonio Nogueda Carbajal, lawyer of the Ministerial Investigative Police (PIM) comments that “this has to do with a retraction on the part of the experts, which shows clearly that all the accusations against the two agents were fabricated to involve them, though this was all done rather inexpertly.”  Furthermore, he claimed that “I have faith in federal justice and I believe that the resolution of the judicial authority–which will be had in less than a month–will be tied to rights and so favor my two clients, who as we have always said are innocent.”

Regardless, lawyers form the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights contested the motion called for by the ministerial police.  Lawyer Vidulfo Morales says that he has handed documents to the primary judge of the district regarding the events of 12 December “that indicate that the ministerial police are responsible, and they should not remain free, so we ask the judge not to rule in their favor.”

Para más información:

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