National: Academics call for peace construction to be made central to the electoral debate

Press conference, 17 April 2012 (@CENCOS)

On 17 April, academics from different higher educational institutions unaffiliated with any party who make up the group “Mexico with Peace” warned that none of the candidates for the presidency, the Senate, or mayorships has presented “a coherent plan that would give rise to peace.”  Their positions on this “are extremely tepid” now a little more than 2 months from the next elections, noted sociologist Carlos Garza Falla in a press-conference.

The intellectuals also claimed that “peace does not consist exclusively in the absence of violence but also in the initiation of public policies that attend to all those circumstances of underdevelopment that lead to the dehumanization of peoples; it also has to do with the fact that conflicts are resolved only when the spectrum is opened to alternatives.”

The nuclear group included six persons as well as six guests, making a dozen.  They synthesized their ideas in 10 proposals for an integral scheme for the construction of peace, including aspects such as the change of discourse to peace construction; the study of international cases in which situations have been resolved similar to those that prevail now in Mexico; the implementation of strategies in the short, medium, and long term; the identification and solution of the factors that facilitate the growth of organized crime; a generalized attention on the psychosocial effects produced in the population due to the violence associated with organized crime, as well as “a permanent dialogue with the public sector, the private sector, civil society, academia, and the media to enrich the initiatives that are emerging and to correct with all humility the path when it is shown not to be working,” among other things.

These proposals, they say, “are not exclusive nor do they seek to discuss all existing possibilities; instead, they are meant to provoke debate, with regard to electoral campaigns, and to exercise the imagination so as to allow the country to escape the emergency conditions in which it finds itself.”

For more information (in Spanish):

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