Oaxaca: Urgent Action to guarantee the protection of Padre “Uvi,” human-rights defender

Padre “Uvi” (@Colectivo Pinotepa)

In an Urgent Action published on 17 April, the Regional Center for Human Rights “Bartolomé Carrasco” A.C., the Diocene Commission for Justice and Peace, and the Oaxacan Citizens’ Initiative denounced new death-threats against Father R. Francisco Wilfrido Mayrén Peláez, better known as “Padre Uvi,” a human-rights defender and founder of the Region Center for Human Rights “Bartolomé Carrasco Briseño” A.C., founder of the Oaxacan Citizens’ Initiative, and present coordinator of the Diocene Commission for Justice and Peace.

The organizations denounce that on Saturday 14 April 2012 at approximately 5pm, Padre Uvi received a death-threat by phone, an eventuality that was denounced before the State Attorney General’s Office of Oaxaca.  They indicate furthermore that “this act coincides with the denunciation that other rights-defenders are making given that the threat comes from the same number that has been denounced by Ms. Alba Cruz Ramos.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Acción Urgente del Centro Regional de Derechos Humanos “Bartolomé Carrasco Briseño” A. C. (17 de abril de 2012)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Oaxaca: Death-threats against rights-defender Alba Cruz and wife of Marcelino Coache (19 April 2012)

Oaxaca: Urgent Action in the case of Padre Uvi (13 August 2010)


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