Chiapas: Violence against member of Chiapas Center for Women’s Rights is denounced

Photo:@ CDMCH

The Chiapas Center for Women’s Rights (CDMHC) and the Peace Network have denounced a new case of violence and discrimination suffered by one of its members in San Cristóbal de Las Casas due to her condition of “gender, class, and ethnicity, for being a woman, indigenous and poor.”  On 12 April, at 5:15am, of the CDMHC’s members was sexually assaulted by a taxi driver, to which she responded by defending herself and succeeding in escaping.  The woman had been going to the transport hub that goes to Ocosingo so as to arrive at the offices of the CDMHC in the Yajalón municipality, where she works.

The CDMHC denunciation adds that “It is also clear that in light of events such as this that has happened to our comrade with the complicity and responsibility of the Mexican State, which bears the burden for all acts of violence against women in its failure to guarantee their security and respect their basic rights, not to take the proper measures to eliminate discrimination against women, and taking on adequate means to modify or change laws, rules, uses, and pracitces that constitute discrimination against women.”

The members of the Peace Network support the demands of the Women’s Center, demanding that “Action be taken–political, social, economic, and legal–that will guarantee the rights of women to lives free of violence.  Down with IMPUNITY, which reproduces violence against women.  We call for an investigation of the events that have been denounced and punishment for those responsible.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Denuncian violencia y acoso hacia mujeres, Cuarto Poder, 19 de abril de 2012

Denuncia Red por la Paz Chiapas, 20 abril de 2012

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