Mexico: Alejandro Cerezo to receive the Aquisgrán International Prize of Peace


On 1 September 2012, the Mexican activist Alejandro Cerezo Contreras, 30 years of age, will receive the Aquisgrán Prize of Peace 2012.  This student at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) jointly founded with his brothers Héctor and Antonio the “Comité Cerezo” human-rights organization in 2001 after having been arrested without reason, considered political prisoners.  In the case of his nomination, his work for the defense of human rights of political prisoners and of the civil population in light of the arbitrary acts of the Army and police were highlighted.

For Alejandro Cerezo, the peace prize represents an important recognition of the work of his organization, which documents political imprisonment and forced disappearance in Mexico: “It is the recognition of a collective that was born in 2001, then stigmatized, to which many persons closed their doors, but which slowly grew solidarity with other people and organizations, now having come to locate itself as a household organization in the country.”

For more information (in Spanish)

El Comité Cerezo, recibirá el premio alemán de la paz de Aquisgrán 2012, Aviso TV, 8 de mayo de 2012

Premio por la paz para activista mexicano , CNN, 9 de mayo de 2012

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Urgent Action in the case of Alejandro Cerezo Contreras, human-rights defender (17 April 2010)


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