Oaxaca: access to Cuzcatlán mine is blocked in San José el Progreso


Since the beginning of May, members of the Coordination of United Peoples of the Ocotlán Valley (CPUVO) have announced their intention to close the entrance to the Cuzcatlán silver mine, owned by Canadian interests, which is located in the community of San José del Progreso in the region of the Central Valley of Oaxaca.

In a press-conference, Jorge Sánchez, representative of CPUVO, said that by means of this protest they sought to obtain a response from Governor Gabino Cué to their petititons which include the closing of the Canadian mine and justice for the murders of BBernardo Vásquez Sánchez (15 March 2012)  and Bernardo Méndez Vásquez (18 January 2012).  The initiative comes also in commemoration of the third anniversary of the displacement performed by the state police when a protest took place in the same place.

As was announced, on 7 May members of CPUVO who resided in neighboring communities ((Maguey Largo, Cuajilote, el Vergel, Paso de Piedras) and social organizations blocked the access to the principal road to the mine, setting up banners to recall those who were killed in the struggle to obtain the departure of the mine from the location.  At the same time, dozens of state and ministerial police had a presence in the crossroads of the highway to Puerto Ángel.

In these terms, the Mexican Network of those Affected by Mining (REMA) demanded “that municipal, state, and federal authorities guarantee the exercise of the right to free expression and free meeting in conditions of security, with respect for the constitutional guarantees and international treaties regarding human rights that are relevant to Mexico.”

For more information (in Spanish):

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