Guerrero: Increase in deaths of women


In a press-conference, Lina Berrio, member of Kinal Antzetik–an organization that defends reproductive rights–noted that to reduce maternal mortality rates would demand more resources being used adequately, given that although Guerrero receives 23 million pesos for maternal health, this has not improved attention being paid to women.  The activist added that the “out of pocket expense” for health has not reduced in these localities, given the costs that families of low-income must bear for transportation and food even while being affiliated with Popular Service (SP).  She added that the increase of women registered with SP together with the promotion of hospital-based birthing has increased demand for services, but the effective capacity of the corresponding institutions is insufficient to attend to obstetric emergencies or even normal labor.  The member of Kinal Antzetik notedthat to reduce maternal mortality in states like Guerrero, it would be necessary that local governments be accountable regarding which strategies and resources they are exercising to address the problem.  Furthermore, she mentioned that is important to incorporate the necessities of the indigenous from their cultural  perspectives in health services, as well as to include translators and midwives at health clinics.

For more information (in Spanish):

La muerte hace su agosto en Guerrero: Reportan aumento en decesos de mujeres (Sin embargo, 15 de mayo)


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