National/International: National and international civil organizations speak of tasks ahead regarding human rights before the Euro-Mexico Mixed Parliamentary Commission

Parlamento Europeo en Estrasburgo (

On 21 May, national and international civil human-rights organizations made public a letter sent to the Mixed Euro-Mexico Parliamentary Commission that meets twice a year, comprised of European and Mexican parliamentary representatives.  Its next meeting will be held on 23 and 24 May in Strassbourg, France.  Regarding the open electoral context in Mexico, the organizations note that it is indispensable to “identify the legislative questions that must be attended to regarding human rights in Mexico, toward the end of pondering advances and identifying challenges and urgent obstacles to overcome.”

The first subject is Protection for Human-Rights Defenders, a question the authors call on European deputies to “more than extending a congratulations for recent advances, support us in our call for an immediate and effective implementation of security-measures in those cases that would demand them, as well as to ask that the investigations undertaken into cases of aggressions and homicides directed against defenders and journalists culminate in the identification and punishment of those responsible, as demanded by law.”

The second question has to do with the fact that “the Armed Forces continue to block reform of the Military Justice Code,” reason for which the organizations ask the Eurodeputies to “in their dialogues with Mexican counterparts request information regarding the state that has to do with the work directed at reforming the Military Justice Code, calling for the adoption soon of legislation that would satisfy the international obligations of the Mexican State.”

The last question addressed in the letter has to do with the risk that there be applied punitive federal legislation that would violate human rights and the guarantees stipulated in the constitutional reforms of 2008.

The letter closes by stressing that “though some advances have been seen in the Congress, the crisis of violence has significantly affected the state of human rights.  If Mexico is a strategic country for the European Union, it cannot continue to deny this reality.  The EU cannot continue being indifferent to the deterioration of human rights in Mexico.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Boletín completo de OSC de derechos humanos (22 de mayo de 2012)


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