Guerrero: 14th anniversary of the El Charco massacre

On 7 June, there was held a ceremony to observe the fourteenth anniversary of the El Charco massacre, Ayutla municipality, in which participated the bishop of the Saltillo Diocese, Coahuila, Raúl Vera, who noted that “We do not celebrate the death of our brothers, because that death comes from evil, but instead we celebrate life, because that is what they would request; they have transformed into the demand for justice they sought.”  The event remembered the 11 persons who were associated with the Revolutionary Army of the Insurgent People (ERPI) who were executed in the El Charco community on 7 June 1998.

Vera called on indigenous peoples to continue the struggloe: “We are celebrated the commitment of Jesus to continue struggling against lies, hatred, violence, and corruption inside government and all that it has to do, and we live it here, wherethe blood of our 11 brothers was spilt.  We come to work so that there be justice in this country….  We would like to construct the people of God with justice and love, peace, with respect for the dignity of all—this is what strengthens us.  Here where the 11 brothers fell 14 years ago, today our heart is strengthened.  We cannot stop this work for justice, peace, and love.”

More than a hundred indigenous persons attended the event, in addition to representatives of social and civil organizations.  Also present were survivors Ericka Zamora Pardo and Efrén Cortés Chávez; director of the Agustín Pro Center, José Antonio Marroquín; Magdalena López, from the Network Decade against Impunity; and Raymundo Díaz Taboada, from the Collective against Torture and Impunity.

Para más información:

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