National: NGOs request SCJN resolve affairs relating to military tribunals in 32 cases

Relatives of Bonfilio Rubio Villegas, one of the cases before the SCJN (@Tlachinollan)

On 12 June, more than 76 Mexican civil human-rights organizations called on the Supreme Court for Justice in the Nation (SCJN) to expedite its review of 28 cases, some of them begun in 2011, that have to do with military courts.  These cases are currently found in the Maximum Tribunal; the demand is that the SCJN decide if military or civil courts are more appropriate. are in fact competent.  The NGOs recommend that these affairs be resolved before 16 July, when the SCJN will initiate its period of recess, and that it consider international human-rights agreements which Mexico has signed and ratified in its review, in addition to the recent constitutional reforms the Mexican State has undertaken in these terms. It should be remembered that the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR) has decided against the State in four out of five cases recently (in the Rosendo Radilla, Valentina Rosendo, Inés Fernández, and ecologist campesino cases), and that it has called on Mexicoto reform article 57 of its Military Code of Justice so that any abuse committed against civilians by soldiers be considered in civil court.

In a press-conference, the NGOs that have signed on warn of the risk that the SCJN justices’ behavior be “contaminated” by pressure on the part of the Secretary for National Defense (Sedena) or by electoral considerations.  Alberto Herrera, representative in Mexico for Amnesty International (AI), recognizes that the question of the military courts is “politically sensitive, and even moreso during this six-year term in which the Mexican Army has had a large influence and presence in public life.”

For more information (in Spanish):

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México: “Ni seguridad, ni derechos: ejecuciones y tortura en la guerra contra el narcotráfico en México” (12 de noviembre de 2011)


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