National: presentation by Acuddeh regarding human-rights violations committed from 2011 to the first third of 2012

On 26 June, the organization Urgent Action for Human-Rights Defenders (Acuddeh) presented a report regarding human-rights violations committed against rights-defenders during 2011 and the first third of the year 2012.

Alejandro Cerezo, coordinator of Accudeh, indicated that based on information from public institutions, it can be seen that from 2010 to 2012 there has been a 418% increase in rights-violations against rights-defenders.  The report highlights that this increase cannot be attributed to organized crime, but rather to the Mexican State itself, given that of 87 documented violations, 47% were committed either through acquiescence or “directly by persons or groups of persons who act with the consent, authorization, support, or instigation of the State–for example, paramilitary groups.”

The aggressions most frequently denounced have been death-threats (47% of the total).  Furthermore, the report reveals that female defenders are vulnerable than are males, given that the former are often assaulted on more than one occasion.  The report claims also that the directors of these attacks seek to dismantle independent collectives, given that the majority of the assaults target leaders of these organizations.

Also present at the event were the following individuals: Tannia Falconer, coordinator for Mexico Projects of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation; Javier Hernández Valencia, representative of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Mexico; Agnieszka Raszynska, executive secretary of the National Network of Human-Rights Organizations All Rights for All; and Miguel Concha Malo, director of the Fray Francisco de Vitoria Center for Human Rights OP AC. Miguel Concha stressed that the document is important in informational terms but also in practical ones, given that it explains which risks defenders face and how they might prevent them and defend themselves against these.

For more information (in Spanish):

Documento completo “Informe de violaciones de derechos humanos cometidas contra las personas defensoras de los derechos humanos en el periodo 2011-primer trimestre de 2012” (Acuddeh, junio de 2012)

Organizaciones civiles presentan informe de delitos contra defensores de derechos (Milenio, 26 de junio de 2012)

Aumentaron 418% las agresiones contra defensores de los derechos humanos (La Jornada, 27 de junio de 2012)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

National: Approval of Law for the Protection of Human-Rights Defenders and Journalists (16 May 2012)


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