Oaxaca: Protests outside the Fepade due to lack of ballots in special booths

1 July, Oaxaca @ Noticiasnet.mx

On the afternoon of 1 July, some 40 people protested after the closing of the electoral booths in front of the headquarters of the local Council of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) in Oaxaca de Juárez to demand that they be given electoral forms so that they could vote, given that they could not do so in the special booths due to lack of forms.  Units from the federal and preventive state police deployed in the streets donning anti-riot gear to protect the electoral institute from possible acts of violence.

Led by Roberto Chagoya and Lucio López Hernández, the citizens who demanded their right to vote in special booths, due to the fact that they do not reside in the capital city, called for ballots “so that we can have the right to vote.”  López Hernández handed in a written form in which he details that around 12pm on the day of the elections, they went to the module of the Special Prosecutorial Office for Attention to Electoral Crimes (FEPADE) located in the zócalo of the capital to denounce that there were not enough ballots.  Instead of receiving them, however, the FEPADE officials called the police.  The protestors also demanded the presence of councilors to hand over to them a document with 500,000 signatures “so that they give us ballots to vote.”  López Hernández said that “we do not want to hurt anyone; we only want electoral forms, as there are none in the booths.”  In Oaxaca, 7 of the 47 special booths installed were set up in the capital city.  Each one had 750 ballots and 14 other forms for representatives of political parties.

Marina Méndez, from Ocotlán de Morelos, assured that in the special booths that is installed in the Defense Institute for the Human Rights of the People of Oaxaca (DDHPO) she was also told that the ballots had run out.

Other citizens reported to the Noticias newspaper that they took the decision to write a number on their forearm in light of the disorganization of those in charge of the booths, as they did not know the extent to which the ballots were limited.

In contrast to these accounts, the State Attorney General’s Office reported that none of the Regional Subprocurations nor the State Prosecutorail Office for Attention to Electoral Crimes, which is affiliated with the IFE, had received notice as of 8pm on 1 July of denunciations or incidences related with the electoral process.

For more information (in Spanish):

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