Guerrero: Comunidad me’phaa exige cumplimiento de derecho a la educación julio 13, 2012

Landscape of La Montaña in Guerrero. Photo @ SIPAZ

In a 10 July communiqué, the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights informed that the Me’p`ha indigenous people of Buena Vista, Atlixtac municipality, Guerrero, presented a legal demand to call for access to basic education for their children, a motion that has been admitted by the primary judge of the state district.

For 10 years, the community had presented requests to the Secretary of Education of the state of Guerrero fruitlessly, to demand the foundation of an Indigenous Pre-School Educational Center.  The Secretary ignored these requests, even though the community has the land on which it could build the Center.  In light of these omissions on the part of the educational authorities of Guerrero, the Buena Vista community agreed to demand the right to education by means of a juridical demand presented on 21 June 2012, with Tlachinollan’s accompaniment.  In an historic act, on 29 June 2012, the primary judge of the district, based in Chilpancingo, admitted the demand.  Given the importance of the case, the Buena Vista community and Tlachinollan plan to continue informing about the progress in the case.

For more information (in Spanish):

120710_Buena Vista – Ficha Informativa


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