National: Governmental Council for Mechanism of Protection for journalists and defenders is installed

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On 10 July, the Secretary for Governance (Segob) installed a Governmental Council for the Mechanism of Protection for Human-Rights Defenders and Journalists.  This institution will be the top organism of the mechanism which would furthermore be made up of a Consultative Council and a National Executive Coordination body.  This second organ will be directed by Omeheira López Reyna, whose naming took place during the first session of the Council.  The meeting was led by the subsecretary for Juridical Affairs and Human Rights from the same Secretariat, and it was attended also by representatives from the Federal Attorney General’s Office, the Secretary for Public Security, and the Ministry of Foreign Relations, in addition to representatives of civil human-rights organizations, such as the Fray Vitoria Center for Human Rights and Article 19, among others.  The Governmental Council will be the site of the taking of decisions for the protection of human-rights defenders and journalists.  According to the Segob, some of the other decisions taken during the meeting included the release of a call for the creation of a Consultative Council, which would privilege the words of human-rights and journalistic experts.  The Council will be made up of 9 persons, 4 of whom will make up the Governmental Council.

For more information (in Spanish):

Boletín de la Secretaría de Gobernación (10/07/2012)

La Jornada: Grupo pro defensores y periodistas, instalado(11/07/2012)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

National: Approval of Law for the Protection of Human-Rights Defenders and Journalists (16 May 2012)

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