Chiapas: Ejidatarios from Tila announce schedule of March to the SCJN in Mexico City

Photo @SIPAZ

In a press conference on 30 July, authorities from the Tila ejido announced that close to 180 ejidatari@s will be leaving for Mexico City in the “Caravan for land and territory” to the Supreme Court for Justice in the Nation (SCJN) to await the court’s decision regarding the juridical recourse that the ejidal authorities have requested in light of the looting of 130 hectares of their land on the part of the Chiapas state-government.   Despite having resolutions from the competent authorities which favor the return of the administration of these lands to the ejidatarios, the government has rejected the idea of progressing on these terms.

To close, they recalled the activities that the caravan will carry out in the next few days:

Tuesday 31 July, 11am.  In Mexico City at the offices of the Miguel Agustín Pro Center for Human Rights we will hold a press conference, where we will be accompanied by Magdalena Gómez and Gilberto López y Rivas.  There we will establish our position because the Constitution and international human rights protect our ejido, principally due to our history as indigenous peoples.
Wednesday 1 August, 9am.  We will concentrate ourselves around the monument to the Revolution, a symbol of the memory of the struggle of the peoples of Mexico so that the land belong to s/he who works it–based on land, liberty, justice, and law.  At this time on the land belonging to us Ch’ol people in Tila there will also be ejidatari@s mobilizing themselves, because they will also march.
10am, Mexico City.  We will march to the SCJN to there carry out a rally to share our demands for the respect of our land and territory, as campesin@s ejidatari@s and Ch’ol indigenous people.
10am, Tila ejido.  At the same time that in Mexico City our comrades and familymembers will be organizing themselves, the people of Tila will also march and hold a rally, because we are many who want to go to the caravan, but our economic condition does not make this possible, as we are hundreds of families–thousands of men, women, elderly persons, and children.  For this reason our strength as indigenous Ch’ol people will be manifested in Tila, and though we are physically apart we will jointly be raising our demand from Tila to the doors of the SCJN.
Thursday 2 August: This day is listed as being the day on which the resolution of case 1302/2010 regarding motion 259/1982 that protects and defends our land.  We will be awaiting the decision of the SCJN outside.”
For more information (in Spanish):
For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

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