Oaxaca: Protests against “imposition,” detentions, and torture

Imagen de la marcha en Oaxaca @ oaxacaenpiedelucha.info

Image of the march in Oaxaca @ oaxacaenpiedelucha.info

In observation of the mobilizations agreed upon at the “National Convention against Imposition” on 14 and 15 July in San Salvador Atenco to protest Enrique Peña Nieto–ones that were carried out on 22 July in several states of the country–several protestors were arrested in Oaxaca de Juárez.  State police detained David Venegas, “El Alebrije,” just before the end of the “March against imposition” organized by #IAm132.  Members of this movement sought to mobilize against this arrest, and for this reason they were beaten and subjected to tear gas, with 24 others being arrested, all of whom were released on 22 July, like David Venegas.  Human-rights organizations indicated, based on testimony received, that during the arrests there was psychological and physical torture as well as beatings, with some youth being subjected to electric shocks, in addition to death-threats and rape threats, sexual assault, and robbery.  It should be mentioned that the events occurred amidst the Guelaguetza festivities, this being the most important Oaxacan celebration, and two months previous to the “Second National Convention against Imposition,” which is planned to be held in Oaxaca.

In León (Guanajuato), six members of the #IAm132 movement were similarly arrested during mobilizations “against imposition” on 22 July.  They were released 18 hours later, in accordance with journalistic accounts.

For more information (in Spanish):

La Jornada: Detienen en Oaxaca y Guanajuato a por lo menos 31 integrantes de #YoSoy132 (23/07/2012)

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La Jornada: Excarcelan a detenidos en León y Oaxaca (24/07/2012)

OPL: Entrevista con David Venegas

Boletín de CODIGO-DH: Sigue criminalización contra jóvenes de YoSoy132, ayer 25 detenidos en Oaxaca

Comunicado de Barca-DH e Iniciativa Ciudadana Oaxaca

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

National: “National Convention against Imposition” in Atenco (25 July 2012)

National: In the presidential elections, a controversial electoral process and results (10 July 2012)


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