Chiapas: social organizations present report regarding situation of women in Chiapas

Press conference @Sipaz
At a press conference at Museo Café on Monday 6 August, the Center for Women’s Rights of Chiapas (CDMHCh) and the Group of Women of San Cristóbal (COLEM) presented their joint report entitled “The situation of discrimination and lack of access to justice for women in Chiapas and Mexico.”  They indicate that on 17 July “in observance of the 52nd period of sessions  of the Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), a human-rights organ of the United Nations, the 23 experts examined the VII and VIII reports of the Mexican State regarding its observance of [CEDAW].” The authors of the report mention that experts in the field “expressed their alarm regarding the high levels of insecurity and gender violence that we Mexicans suffer, in addition to the public-security strategy against organized crime together with the persistent impunity and corruption that have contributed to the intensification of existing patterns of discrimination and violence against women.”
The report details that COLEM and CDMHCh, which are part of the coalition CEDAW Citizens, put together the report “The Situation of Discrimination and Lack of Access to Justice for the Women of Chiapas” which refers to a series of causes linked to gender an ethno-social origins of women that limit their access to justice and the exercise of their rights.  For this reason, they demand that the Mexican State “observe the recommendations that the CEDAW Commitee has presented, and specifically in the case of Chiapas to eradicate the structural poverty, marginalization, and discrimination against women in Chiapas and throughout the country.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Boletin de Prensa Informe Sombra – CDMCh y COLEM


Informe Sombra “La situación de discriminación y no acceso a la justicia para las mujeres en Chiapas, México” (CDMCh y COLEM)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

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