Chiapas: agrarian dispute leaves 45 displaced and 12 injured


On 17 September, hundreds of campesinos from Monte Sinaí, Chicomuselo municipality, who belong to the Emiliano Zapata Campesino Organization-Independent Democratic (OCEZ-D.I.) forcibly displaced 45 families from the community of Francisco Villa Las Flores in the same municipality who pertain to the Emiliano Zapata Proletarian Organization (OPEZ)-Movement for National Liberation (MLN).  The outcome was that a dozen were injured (including one by gunshot wound) and 45 houses destroyed.  The residents of the Francisco Villa Las Flores ejido requested the intervention of state authorities and the release of eight of their comrades who had been handed over to an agent of the Public Ministry by the “aggressors” on the charge of carrying firearms.

The residents of Monte Sinaí claim that they have the documents that accredit them as owners of the 300 hectares in dispute, while the 45 families of Francisco Villa Las Flores claim they have legally inhabited these lands since they were awarded the corresponding presidential resolution.

For more information (in Spanish):

Piden ejidatarios al gobierno de Chiapas intervenir en conflicto de tierras (La Jornada, 18 de septiembre de 2012)

Se desborda conflicto en Villa Las Flores (Cuarto Poder, 18 de septiembre de 2012)

Comunicado conjunto (Coordinadora de resistencia indígena campesina OPEZ-MLN, Cocyp- Chiapas, OCEZ.V.Carranza, organización Laklumal Ixim, Tres nudos, bloque democrático sección 7 del CNTE, Frente de resistencia por las altas tarifas de luz. Adherentes al  Frente Amplio de Chiapas, 18 de septiembre de 2012)

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