Chiapas: New denunciation by the Roberto Barrios JBG regarding threats to the Comandante Abel community

By means of a communiqué published on 30 September, the Zapatista Good-Government Council (JBG) of Roberto Barrios, located in the northern zone of Chiapas, denounced the direct participation by Noé Castañón León, secretary of Governance, in the planning and implementation of the violence directed against the Comandante Abel community and the Zapatista support-bases in Unión Hidalgo, which has resulted in the forcible displacement of 83 indigenous persons who have for three weeks now sought refuge in other communities.

The JBG notes in its communiqué that “On 12 September at 10am, the paramilitaries entered to rob and cut down a great number of trees in the collective milpa that our comrades maintain, while others stood guard, armed with high-caliber firearms.  Upon finishing their logging, they all went to Unión Hidalgo.  The same day at 2pm, 7 cars full of officials and 3 municipal police vehicles arrived at San Patricio.  At 6pm a public security vehicle showed up to decide where to install its camp so as to fulfill the bad government’s plan to have police presence there.  On 13 September Noé Castañón, general secretary of governance, and Maximiliano Narváez Franco, subsecretary for governance, arrived in Sabanilla to meet with the invaders of Unión Hidalgo and the PRI members of San Patricio to confirm to them that the lands are theirs.  They justified this with projects of legalization, promising to provide security by making available police patrols and the presence of public security so as to care for the invaders and support them with materials to build their homes, and even to hand over property to the paramilitaries.  To fulfill the commitment they made with the invaders and delinquents during the same afternoon of 13 September, patrols of the recuperated land began.”

For more information (in Spanish):

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Tercera denuncia de la JBG Nueva Semilla que Va a Producir sobre los ataques, desalojos, amenazas, robos, intimidaciones y desplazamientos que siguen sufriendo las BAZ de las comunidades Comandante Abel y Unión Hidalgo, Enlace Zapatista, 30 de septiembre de 2012

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

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