Mexico: civil-society organizations call on European Union to address deterioration of human rights in Mexico

(@AMARC México)

In observance of the Third Meeting for Bilateral Dialogue on Human Rights between the European Union and the Mexican State carried out on 19 October in Mexico City, civil-society organizations for the defense and promotion of human rights–including the Network All Rights for All–called on this mechanism to contribute to the generation of proposals that would permit the inversion of the trend that has seen a deterioration of the human-rights situation in Mexico in recent years.

In a communique, more than 80 organizations demanded that this space take into account the points of view of civil society and that effective mechanisms of participation be created, as well as measures of transparency and accountability regarding the commitments agreed to, given that in previous meetings entry has not been free, and the debate has been very restricted.  They indicated: “In light of these circumstances, we stress that the crisis of violence and impunity that has increased in recent years has significantly affected respect for human rights throughout the country.  In this sense, given that Mexico is a strategic country for the European Union, we call on European authorities to guarantee mechanisms of dialogue that are genuinely participatory and transparent, ones that will contribute to addressing the problems that the country presently faces.  In this way, we urge the Mexican government to assure transparency in the agreements [come to], as well as the commitments and mechanisms throughout this transitional phase.”

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