Guerrero: Self-defense against organized crime in 4 municipalities

In the early morning of 7 January, civilians set up checkpoints at the entrance and exit of Ayutla de los Libres, Costa Chica, following an extended exchange of gunfire.  In a press-conference at the Casa de Justicia in El Paraíso, Arturo Campos Herrera, regional adviser for the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities-Communal Police (CRAC-PC) in Ayutla, distanced the CRAC-PC from this act: “the persons who installed checkpoints do not belong to the Communal Police or to any of the more than 30 communities that pertain to this communal system of justice,” he said.  In a 13 January bulletin, the CRAC-PC once again formally distanced itself from the uprising.

The residents of Tecoanapa, Florencio Villarreal, and Copala have joined the movement by also installing checkpoints int he entrances and exits to the municipalities.  One of the coordinators of the movement reported that the citizens’ operation would last an indefinite amount of time, “until we cleanse the municipality.”  Another of the leaders said that the movement began in more than 22 communities from the Tecoanapa and Tierra Colorada municipalities that have been affected by organized crime for several months.

Campos Herrera explained that it is known that the presumed criminals demanded money from cattle-ranchers and that this was “one of the reasons fro the checkpoints that were installed, one near the gasoline-station and another at the Bachelors College in Ayutla.”  He added that “there was also one death; we do not know to which side this person pertains, and we know that there have been arrests.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Boletín CRAC-PC (13 de enero de 2013)

La vigilancia armada en Ayutla, “hasta que limpiemos el municipio” de la delincuencia organizada, advierten (Sur de Acapulco,  de enero de 2013)

De la Policía Comunitaria a la Autodefensa Popular (La Jornada de Guerrero, 11 de enero de 2013)

Civiles montan retenes de autodefensa en Ayutla tras levantón y tiroteo, informan (La Jornada de Guerrero, 7 de enero de 2013)

Comisión de Guerrero considera necesario legislar sobre Policía Comunitaria (Sin Embargo, 10 de enero de 2013)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Guerrero: Social insurrection in Olinalá against organized crime (9 November 2012)

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