Oaxaca: More feminicides under Gabino Cué than in the final years of Ulises Ruiz


Photo @Ciudadanía Express

At least 173 women and girls were killed during the first two years of the Oaxacan governorship of Gabino Cué, as is revealed by the citizens’ report “Justice Now! Feminicide and violence against women in Oaxaca,” published by the Huaxyacac Collective.  The report stresses that “the political transition in Oaxaca with Gabino Cue has not translated into a decrease in the number of murders of women and girls; on the contrary, in what has passed of the present administration (1 December 2011-30 November 2012) these have in fact increased 50%, to 173 cases.  This compares with 115 reported in the last two years of the governorship of Ulises Ruiz (2009-2010).”

The document also refers to intrafamilial violence, given that from December 2010 to November 2012, local newspapers have registered 458 cases, though the State Attorney General’s Office reports 2910 cases during this time.  It is worrisome that despite the fact that the law establishes that these are criminal matters that on many occasions destroys the lives of girls, adolescents, youth, and adults, domestic violence is not considered to be a serious crime.Regarding sexual violence, the report stresses that during the first year of Cué’s administration there were registered 183 attacks against females and girls, with 172 sexual attacks during the second year.  The most common form of violation is rape.  This type of violence is much more frequent than the statistics show, notes the report, and it is one that is least denounced.The Collective called on Gabino Cué’s government to act and guarantee the respect for the lives of women and girls in Oaxaca, advocating public policies of “zero tolerance for gender violence,” including the forced resignation of violent public officials and especially those responsible for sexual harassment at the workplace.

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