Oaxaca: Armed men threaten human-rights defender


The National Network for Communication and Urgent Action on Human-Rights Defenders has denounced the death-threats suffered by Silvia Pérez Yesca, a member of the organization Indigenous Women for CIARENA, together with her son on 16 January.  The Network demanded an immediate investigation and punishment of the intellectual and material authors of these new aggressions, and that the right to defend the human rights of indigenous and non-indigenous activists and human-rights defenders be guaranteed within the state of Oaxaca.  “During the early hours of Wednesday 16 January 2013, close to 20 armed men encircled the home of Silvia Pérez Yescas (located in Matías Romero)…. Despite the precautionary measures which Pérez Yescas has been awarded, being a member of the CIARENA organization, these have not proven sufficient, given that she continues to suffer death-threats at the hands of power groups in the Isthmus region specifically due to her accompaniment of females who have been victimized by violence,” noted a document read in press-conference.

Members of CIARENA explained to Communication and Information for Women (CIMAC) that this is not the first time that Silvia and the organization have been threatened by caciques, landowners, and cattle-ranchers, whose goal is to disrupt their work.  They detail that on one occasion unknown persons left an intimidating message on the wooden door of their offices, fixed with a knife.  To date, the CIARENA activists have decided not to provide more details regarding what has happened for reasons of security; Silvia currently finds herself in hiding.  They have also requested the intervention of the Mechanism for Protection of Human-Rights Defenders and Journalists, as overseen by the Secretary of Governance.

For more information (in Spanish):

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For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

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