Chiapas: Civil society expresses concern for the situation of those displaced in Busiljá


In a communique published on 18 February, civil society and human-rights organizations from Chiapas expressed their “concern for the critical situation that began in 1997 in the Busiljá ejido, Ocosingo municipality, which during 16 years has left a number of dead, injured, imprisoned, displaced, and disappeared in Ocosingo.”

They stressed in particular that “the situation lived by the seven families displaced from the Busiljá ejido not only expressed a profound humanitarian crisis, but it also puts into doubt the will and effectiveness of the institutional mechanisms for the realization of justice in our state of Chiapas, making evident the impunity which reigns for persons and groups that have perpetrated crimes, as well as the acts that constitute grave and continuous violations of the human rights for which state authorities are responsible.”

In light of this, the organizations request “the serious, impartial, and timely application of measures to justly resolve the right of the situation that affects the displaced, and makes them vulnerable.”

For more inforamtion (in Spanish):

Pronunciamiento completo de la Red por la Paz: “Organizaciones civiles expresan preocupación por situación que viven desplazados de Busiljá” (18 de febrero de 2013)

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