Guerrero: death-threats directed against Obtilia Eugenio Manuel, president of the OPIM

Obtilia Eugenio Manuel (@Amnistía Internacional)

The National Network of Communication and Urgent Action for Human-Rights Defenders in Mexico has condemned the new death-threats directed against human-rights defender Obtilia Eugenio Manuel, president of the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous Peoples (OPIM), based in Ayutla de los Libres.  An anonymous letter was found at midday on 11 February in the OPIM offices which said that “You Obtilia are enjoying precautionary measures, but no matter we will beat you Obtilia and Cuauhtémoc, as you are the leaders… The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights does not protect you from bullets.” It should be remembered that she and all OPIM members enjoy precautionary measures, as awarded by the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR) in 2009.

The death-threat, as asserts the communique, makes mention that it is not clear that it was soldiers who raped Inés Fernández Ortega, a Me’phaa indigenous woman and member of the OPIM who took her case before the IACHR.  The IACHR in turn released a sentence of condemnation for the Mexican State in October 2010.

The urgent bulletin of the National Network details that “Lamentably, this is not the first time that Obtilia Eugenio has received this type of threat against her life, as related directly to her denunciations of human-rights violations committed in the state of Guerrero.  Obtilia Eugenio has been victimized by permanent harassment and has been forced to leave the state of Guerrero so as to protect her physical and psychological life, as well as that of her family.”

For more information (in Spanish):

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