Guerrero: Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities-Communal Police (CRAC-PC) pronounces itself against state decree

Marcha de la CRAC-PC en San Luis Acatan (@Desinformémonos)

On 17 February, there was held a “State meeting for the defense of security and justice of the peoples,” as organized by the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities-Communal Police (CRAC-PC) to analyze the recent initiative taken by the state government to regulate the communal police in the state.  At the close of the event, the CRAC-PC marched in San Luis Acatlán, and they symbolically burned the proposed decree, thus demonstrating their rejection of it.

The CRAC-PC noted that they “absolutely reject, in all clauses, the decree of the governor to institutionalize our Communal Police.  We demand respect for our internal regulations and demand full observation of law 701.”  It should be recalled that in 2011, law 701 recognized in its article 37 “the existence of indigenous systems of justice, and that of the CRAC, for all purposes.”

In their assertions the CRAC-PC highlighted aspects that, due to article 9 of the decree, would remain prohibited to the Communal Police and the authorities themselves, such as for example “the carrying out of arrests that are not associated with flagrant cases or the observance of commands written by ministerial or juridical authorities; the release of arrest orders; the arrest of persons detained in flagrant violation for more time than is strictly necessary to place them before the competent ministerial or juridical authorities; the carrying out of searches outside of cases of the assistance that they are legally allowd to provide to the competent authorities.  Also prohibited is the impediment of the free movement of people on public pathways; the processing or judging of persons who had been detained on the suspicion of guilt for a given crime; the imposition of punishments for the likely commission of crimes; the application of measures, methods, or processes of social reinsertion or reeducation that go beyond the tasks of police and good government; in the case that these are not respected, violators will be punished in accordance with the text of the decree.”

The CRAC-PC affirmed that “only with that which has been exposed in this article, the state government expresses its interest in dismantling our communal system, as it practically prohibits everything we do and have done, with great sacrifices for our people.  Furthermore, it shows the latent threat of continuing to sanction on the part of the state in case of contradicting what has been asserted.  We call on the powers of the state to rectify their attitudes and to avoid this type of imposition on our peoples, given that at all time our will has been to construct for the state of Guerrero and the country better conditions of existence, and these commitments should be taken into account with respect and seriousness.”

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