National/International: Nueva Esperanza community returns, but in critical conditions, notes civil society

Pobladores de Nueva Esperanza en retorno a su tierra @ Frontera Sur

Residents of Nueva Esperanza returning to their lands @ Frontera Sur

Following a year and half, the residents of Nueva Esperanza returned on 28 February to their country, Guatemala, following their displacement in 2011 by the Army toward the border with Mexico.  The relocation took place in Petén, in a territory recalled “The triumph of Nueva Esperanza,” this following the arrival of an agreement with the Guatemala government.  “Regardless, the residents continue to experience critical conditions, being homeless and without water,” denounced a Civil Mission that accompanied them during their return.

By means of a communiqué, the Civil Mission expressed its concern regarding the conditions in which the displaced found their land, “given that they now no longer have shelter, ground, or any place to sleep, which violates the obligations of the governments in cases of resettlement and reinstallation, especially considering that the majority of the displaced are children.”

It should be recalled that personnel from the 72 Hogar Refuge for Migrant Persons and Rubén Figueroa, member of the Mesoamerican Migrant Movement who works with this migrant home, received death-threats at the beginning of March on the part of peoples identified “as the criminals who request quotas and control migratory flow from Tenosique to Coatzacoalcos,” as indicated by a communiqué from Fray Tomás, director of the migrant home.

For more information (in Spanish):

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For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

National/International: Nueva Esperanza community returns to Guatemala after a year and a half (5 March 2013)

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Civil Observation Mission ends in Tenosique; migrants and rights-defenders in grave danger; caravan of Central American mothers searching for disappeared relatives arrives in Tenosique (14 November 2011)

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