Chiapas: New Campaign Forward for the Liberty of Alberto Patishtán

Conferencia de prensa 20 de marzo de 2013 @ SIPAZ

On 20 March, a press conference at the Fray Bartolome de Las Casas Center for Human Rights (CDHFBC) announced the launch of a new campaign in favor of Alberto Patishtán Gómez, called Campaign Forward for the Liberty of Alberto Patishtán, which will consist of a mass-sending of letters to the president of the Council on Federal Judiciary, Juan Meza Silva, as well as the First Collegiate Tribunal, toward the end of promoting the review of the case of professor Patishtán, as has been announced by his legal counsel, Leonel Rivero Rodríguez, from Strategic Defense for Human Rights A.C.  Within this context, there will also be had different mobilizations in embassies and consulates as well as days of fasting by members of the Voz del Amate and those in solidarity with the Voz del Amate, noted Patishtan himself from prison no. 5 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas.  The proposal is to have the Collegiate Tribunal resolve the case “using consciousness.”

During the press-conference were also heard the voices of representatives of the El Bosque community and relatives of Alberto, who have not given up their struggle for his release over the course of the nearly 13 years that he has been imprisoned, in addition to members of Collective Ik’, those accompanying political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, who stressed that “the call for his release has been made by the very governor [of Chiapas] Manuel Velasco Coello, the bishop of San Cristobal Felipe Arizmendi, and the EZLN by means of Subcomandante Marcos, in addition to the entire social movement in the El Bosque municipality.”  They added that never before had there been such a diverse range of personalities uniting against injustice.

The mobilizations will last until 19 April, which is Patishtán Gómez’s birthday.  During a telephone call, Alberto noted that “Despite this new wave of injustice, I will never rest as regards justice and liberty.”  In his call he included collectives, churches, students, workers, communities, and also demanded the release of his comrades in solidarity with the Voz del Amate.

There exists the possibility that his case be resolved in justice, in the estimation of his lawyer.  “The case should go to the First Collegiate Tribunal [in Tuxtla Gutierrez] and this will determine whether we have reason on our side.  That which passed as evidence 10 years ago, when he was sentenced, now no longer can be considered so to be since 2009, for the process was reviewed, with that evidence found to be illegal.”

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