Chiapas: Increase in feminicides and State Accord for Gender Equality

@CIMAC Noticias

@CIMAC Noticias

Some days ago was found the body of Violeta Margarita Cancino González, a youth of 18 years of age from Nueva Independencia (Ángel Albino Corzo municipality) in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, where she studied.  According to the police and experts, the young female was wrapped in blankets and seemingly preserved in ice before having been thrown to the site where she was located.

According to Martha Figueroa, from the Collective of Women (Colem), from January 2013 to date there have been registered 25 murders of women in the state, with 18 of these having to do with reasons of gender.  She affirms that the number has increased considerably this year.  Figueroa indicated that furthermore, Colem has requested a meeting with the Attorney General Raciel López Salazar to discuss the question, but on three occasions the official has canceled the meeting.

For his part, at the close of the signing of the state Accord for Gender Equality, López Salazar indicated that from January to date there have been registered around 20 homicides of women, and that six people have been arrested for these crimes.  He assured that the cases have nothing to do with drug-trafficking or serial murders, but he also refused to classify them as feminicides, though he did concede that 60% of the crimes had had to do with “emotional conflicts and jealousy.”According to the Law for Access to a Life Free of Violence for Women in the state of Chiapas, feminicide occurs whenever there exists or there has existed between the perpetrator and the victim a relation of familiarity due to blood-relations or sexual relations.  It is feminicide also when the victims presents signs of sexual violence of any sort, and when injuries or mutilations can be seen on the body, whether these be imposed before or after murder.

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