Chiapas: Denunciation from Las Abejas de Acteal on 22 May 2013

logo AbejasOn 22 May 2013, in observance of the monthly commemoration of the December 1997 Acteal massacre, members of the Las Abejas Civil Society published their denunciation “Today we commemorate yet again the crime committed in Acteal.”

This denunciation asks, “Who can remain silent amidst so much insult and lying with regard to the state of justice in Mexico?  Who can accept such impunity as the one cultivated by the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Injustice?  When we heard of the decision of these justices to release the paramilitaries of Chenalhó, it gave us courage, because what they have done is absurd.  Now, only 6 paramilitaries remain incarcareted, though to cover up their shame, they have decided not yet to release them.  However, whenever it is that they are released, we will not be surprised.  It could be that they be released surreptitiously, as they did with one of the commanders of the paramilitaries, Roberto Méndez Gutiérrez, from the Miguel Utrilla Los Chorros neighborhood. Roberto Méndez is one of the murderes who has confessed to his crimes in Acteal; he now very calmly walks around drunk in Los Chorros and the Yibeljoj community of the same municipality.”

The document continues: “The truth is that there still are many misinformed people regarding the true cause of the Acteal massacre.  Recently we located 2 electronic webpages maintained by Italian and French Evangelicals, who claim that those who had been imprisoned for the Acteal massacre ‘are innocent,’ and that ‘only for being Evangelicas’ and for ‘following Jesus’ were they incarcerated.  Here are those two webpages, so that you can follow such bad information:

The communique emphasizes that “We have clarified in several previous communiques that the paramilitaries from the year 1997 are comprised of two political parties in Chenalhó: the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Cardenist Front.  PRI militants and Cardenist paramilitaries also pertain to different religions, such as Presbyterianism, Pentecostal, Baptism, Catholicism, among others.  If the Evangelicals were present in the jail, this was for their having participated in the Acteal massacre.  We do not accuse them for being Evangelicals.  Some Evangelical pastors from Chenalhó and other parts of the world can confirm what we say, and they are ashamed that their brothers had taken the dark path of murdering their own brothers and sisters.  In a Presbyterian temple of Acteal, there it was the arms were kept; there it was that the Presbyterian paramilitaries prayed so that their weapons would not fail in even one shot against Las Abejas and Zapatistas support bases.  Also in the Pechiquil community, in a communal kitchen the Presbyterians guarded the weapons and ammunition.  And on 22 December our Las Abejas comrades from the Tsajaluk’um community who had been taken by paramilitaries from Tsajaluk’um and Pechiquil saw the paramilitaries exit toward Acteal, to participate in the massacre.  Within this group there were Presbyterian persons.  For this reason it was that there were Presbyterians incarcerated; so we repeat that it was not for their religious beliefs, but rather because they became paramilitaries who participated in a counter-insurgent war designed by the Mexican state, led by the then-president Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León“.

For more information (in Spanish):

Hoy hacemos memoria una vez más del crímen cometido en Acteal (22 de mayo de 2013)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

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