Chiapas: Las Abejas Civil Society, “the government is using two weapons in its strategy, lead bullets and sugar bullets”


In observance of the monthly commemoration of the Acteal massacre (1997), the Las Abejas Civil Society (to which pertained the victims) published a new communique denouncing that justice has never been done for the massacre, and that the impunity which results has generated great tensions and conflicts in the Chenalhó municipality.

Las Abejas emphasized that, “After the Acteal massacre […] the government had to cede power to the justice institutions and threw a group of 87 persons into prison, having been the material authors of the massacre.  This was all that the government did, but these did not comprise all of the paramilitaries, as there were many who were guilty of robbery, arson, death-threats, and attacks that resulted in thousands of people being displaced.  But these were not sent to prison or punished in any fashion, because the government did not want to investigate what it is that happened on 22 December.  For example, some of these paramilitaries who were not sent to prison are those who now are causing problems for Catholic believers in the Puebla neighborhood and who now feel secure because they have seen that the Supreme Court has released their comrades.  The government does not want to investigate the intellectual authors, and clearly was not going to do so, since it is they who did so.”

Las Abejas denounced that the government’s counter-insurgent strategy continues to date: “the plan of the government is to repress all those who are not in agreement with their ideas (i.e., neoliberalism), to repress those who want to defend the rights of indigenous peoples, the rights of Mother Earth, and the rights of the people of Mexico.  This plan or strategy of repression we see as having two sides, which we have named the ‘bullets of lead,’ as were used in Acteal and in other repressions such as Aguas Blancas, Chavajeval, Atenco, against the students on 1 December and 10 June, against independent workers’ movements and against all those who dare protest.  Their other weapon is what we call ‘bullets of sugar,’ whereby they buy off organizations and their leaders through support, public works, government jobs, or other hand-outs that can lead people to shut their mouths and not criticize the robbery of the resources of the country for foreigners and the sell-out politicians who help them in this.”

As an example of this dynamic, Las Abejas mentioned that the government “at the same time that it launched the National Crusade Against Hunger in Chiapas, has not ceased with harassing communities in resistance, such as in San Marcos Avilés and the San Sebastián Bachajón ejido, where the comrade Juan Vázquez Guzmán was recently murdered.  Also, they use the divisions that exist and which they have exacerbated for some time in Venustiano Carranza, where now they have launched a strong repression targeting this community.”

For more information (in Spanish):

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