Oaxaca: Denunciation of wave of attacks against journalists and activists

Foro “La defensa de los derechos humanos en Oaxaca” (@Red TdT)

In observance of the Forum “The defense of human rights in Oaxaca,” carried out on 18 July, civil-society organizations denounced that the attacks against human-rights defenders and journalists in the state of Oaxaca had intensified in a worrying manner since last year.

Participants indicated that “according to data from the Network ‘All Rights for All,’ between 2012 and 2013 there have been registered 35 aggressions against rights-defenders, thus placing Oaxaca as the state with greatest number of aggressions against human-rights defenders.  Similarly, the most recent report from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Mexico places Oaxaca among the most dangerous states for the exercise of the right to defend and promote human rights.”  Forum-goers mentioned cases which took place in previous days: “armed and masked persons arrived in broad daylight to the home of Mariano López, from the Popular Assembly of Juchitan; the disappearance on 15 July of the right-defender Heron Sixto López, a Mixteco indigenous person and member of the Center for Orientation and Assessment of Indigenous Peoples from Santiago Juxtlahuca; and the violent death of the journalist Alberto López Bello, from the local daily newspaper El Imparcial.”

The event was attended by a representative from the UN High Commissioner’s Office, Javier Hernández Valencia, who expressed that the work of human-rights defense is a job that “strengthens Mexican democracy” and that it is “indispensable to raise one’s voice, indicate errors, denounce corruption and human rights violations, so as to struggle against impunity.”

For more information (in Spanish):

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Denuncian la desaparición forzada de activista en Oaxaca (Proceso, 18 de julio de 2013)

Asesinan a Alberto López Bello, periodista policiaco de ‘El Imparcial’ de Oaxaca (Proceso, 17 de julio de 2013)

Firma en línea: Acción Urgente por la desaparición del Abogado Herón Sixto Lopez

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