Chiapas: March and rally in Tila to commemorate the founding of the Tila ejido 79 years ago

mujeres del ejido en la marcha en Tila @ Simón Hernández/CentroProDH

On 28 July, thousands of indigenous Ch’oles, ejidatarios from Tila, and adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle recalled the legal founding of the Tila ejido 79 years ago with a march and rally in the cener of the ejido, which is also the city that bears the name of the ejido.  The march began at the ejidal house and ended in the central plaza, where women from the ejido placed containers of fruit and vegetables from the ejidal lands to demonstrate the diversity of products that the ejido provides, for the life of the people.  There was also celebrated a traditional ceremony.In a report on the march and rally, published on 30 July, the ejidatarios indicate that “we have traveled as thousands of people–men, women, elderly, children–who are the legitimate owners of the totality of our territory in which is located the 130 hectares that they want to take from us, so as to remove power from the general assembly and so control City Hall.”  They indicate that “our general assembly of ejidatarios agreed to recognize the possession of homes of neighbors and residents who live within the nucleus of the ejidal population.  At no time will we seek a confrontation with these people.  What we do request is that the relocation of the offices of this City Hall which has only served to loot and provide permits for cantinas, bars, grocery stores, and liquors stores, which promote alcohol use among the youth and the prostitution of young girls who come from communities.  This City Hall has been a disease for our people.”

It should be recalled that since 2012 there has been pending the resolution from the Supreme Court of Justice in the Nation (SCJN) regarding the return of 130 hectares to the ejidatarios of Tila, who were expropriated illegally by the state government of Chiapas in 1980.

For more information (in Spanish):

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Radio Zapatista : Ch’oles de Tila celebran 79 años de resistencia (Audio) (14:45 minutos)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

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Chiapas: Ejidatarios de Tila announce a caravan and march against the SCJN in defense of their land and territory (25 July 2012)

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