Mexico: Murder of MAPDER member in Veracruz


One of the organizers of the X Anniversary of the National Meeting of the Mexican Movement of those Affected by Dams and in Defense of Rivers (MAPDER), which began on 2 August, was murdered by stoning in the municipality of Amatlán de los Reyes, Veracruz.

The communal defender Noe Vázquez Ortiz, 30 years of age, had been a member of the Collective in Defense of Green Nature Forever and a member of MAPDER.  He was murdered while he was preparing the ceremony to begin the meeting.

Once knowledge of the murder had spread, a contingent of units from the Secretary for Public Security (SSP) encircled the municipal head of Amatlán de los Reyes, and police arrived to the place where the tenth meeting occurred.  The conference was not cancelled, but instead held and dedicated to the memory of Noé Vázquez.

For more information (in Spanish):

Sepelio de ecologista lapidado en Veracruz; amenazan a otros, La jornada, 4 de agosto de 2013

Homicidio de Noé Vázquez, parte de una campaña de intimidación hacia activistas, La Jornada en Veracruz, 4 de agosto de 2013


For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

National: IX National Intercultural Meeting of MAPDER in Presidio de los Reyes (15 October 2013)

Chiapas: Regional Forum in Defense of the Land, the Territory and Natural Resources held in Ejido Costa Rica, frontier municipality of Comalapa (9 March 2011)

Chiapas: pilgrimage against “death projects” (3 December 2010)

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