Guerrero: Ministerial Police detain Gonzalo Molina, CRAC promoter, in Tixtla


Photo @archive SIPAZ

Gonzalo Molina González, promoter for the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities (CRAC) associated with the justice house in El Paraíso, was detained by Ministerial Police at a checkpoint in Tixtla and subsequently incarcerated in the Center for Social Readaptation (CERESO) of that city.  In a press-conference, Iñaki Blanco Cabrera, head of the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE), and José Villanueva Manzanares, spokesperson for the state government, reported that the arrest of the CRAC members had to do with an order from a judge demanding their arrest for the crime of terrorism, kidnapping, and assault.  Blanco Cabrera explained that the arrest is related to the events of 26 August, when dozens of communal police disarmed municipal police in Tixtla and held municipal officials in City Hall to protest the arrest of the CRAC coordinator in Olinalá, Nestora Salgado García.

Last Monday, Gonzalo Molina was at a meeting of members of the four justice houses of the CRAC (San Luis Acatlán, Espino Blanco, Zitlaltepec, and El Paraíso) with Misael Medrano Baza, subsecretary for Political Affairs, when dialogue was broken off after he insisted on the immediate release of Salgado García, who is being held in a maximum-security prison in Nayarit, charged with aggravated kidnapping.  Nestora Salgado headed the Communal Police in Olinalá and was arrested by the military and transferred to prison in Nayarit in August.

For more information (in Spanish):

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A un año del levantamiento de Olinalá, Nestora Salgado, su principal líder, sigue en la cárcel (La Jornada de Guerrero, 26 de octubre de 2013)

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Comunicado por la liberación de Gonzalo Molina (Tadeco, 7 de noviembre de 2013)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Guerrero: Navy kidnaps coordinator of CRAC in Olinalá (13 September 2013)


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